About Us

Welcome to Winchester, Indiana!

Ours is a small picturesque little town with beautiful country roads, friendly atmosphere and hard working people.  We welcome you to our little slice of heaven and encourage you to take in all that Winchester has to offer.  Stop by Mrs. Wick’s Pie Shop, they made the sugar cream pie famous throughout the state.  If you prefer chocolate to pie then you must try the edible art work of Ghyslain Chocolatier, you won’t regret it.

Winchester has more to offer than just great pie, we are an ideal place to do business too.  We have just finished revitalizing the downtown core and there are always room for more small businesses.  We are fortunate enough to maintain our small town charm but stay in close proximity to the big cities leaving us with plenty of opportunity to do business.

We have great schools and universities nearby so if your looking for a safe place to raise a family then Winchester has everything you’re looking for.  We invite you to come visit and stay awhile, we’re sure that you will come to love the place as much as we do.